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Introduction to Chinese Energetic Medicine

December 2021

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To empower you with greater knowledge
and practical ability through Medical Qigong for improved
self care, as well as, personal and professional development.
To help you connect better with Divine in your own unique way so that you can remember who you are and be able to keep from burn out.

What to expect:

  • To have an enjoyable, informative,
    and healing introductory experience to Chinese Energetic Medicine
  • Learn ancient systems and secret practices of the Daoist meditations, life force cultivation methods and inner-alchemy techniques. (usually only taught behind closed doors)
  • Coming away with tools that you can utilize in practice, and in your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development

Why I teach it:

I understand and experienced the frustrations, demands and pressures of running a clinic, being energetically sensitive or hyper sensitive, feeling the criticism of those close to me and having parts of my own system get run down and burned out from life in the field of holistic healthcare. 
I learned how to overcome these things with these ancient practices and have been able to show how they fit in modern life and help you discover more of your true self and potential.
I love being able to empower others with the tools that aid them in every aspect of their lives.

What can it do for you:

  • Receive better tools to purge toxic qi/energy,
  • Learn ways to grow vital life force that improve your health, vitality and immune system, 
  • Receive ways to regulate the energy in your system, and
  • Obtain tools that you can use in the clinic and every day life to be more clear and  better balanced.
  • Give tools to better help your clients.
  • Help you be more you and not hold on to clients problems.
  • Receive Certification for Foundations of Health I course if you desire to move on to Practitioner, Master, or Doctor.

A little about me

My name is Dr. David Stokes Hone.  I am a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Ecclesiastical Health Practitioner, Master of Medical Qigong, Founder of the MoLian Qigong Qigong System and Elements of Life Institute and Wellness Center in Salmon, Idaho.

I am the father of 6 Children (3 boys and 3 girls).  I love the out of doors, international and cultural studies, serving others and helping them find themselves and connect to their true self.

Meditation began at the age of three at the direction of my parents, and I have been in practice since 2010 in various modalities and systems, but have been helping people with healing since a very young age. 

I have studied with several masters in Martial, Medical, and Spiritual Teachings related to Qigong and everyday life.  

What topics will we talk about?

The topics in this course will give basic insight to things that you can do to grow your own health and wellbeing. 

There will be nutritional suggestions, introductory practices in Chinese Energetic Medicine, and an introduction to energetic anatomy and physiology.

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How to Sign-up?

We are excited to be able to offer this class and go on this journey with you.  If you would like to sign up for this course please click the link below.

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