Medical Qigong Practitioner

If you are interested in becoming a Medical Qigong / Chinese Energetic Medicine Practitioner Please contact us for this course.

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Learn to Grow your own health and awareness

When you learn Qigong, Dao Yin and Meditations they help you improve your immune system, have better focus and grow your abilities. 

This training will help you find yourself and empower you into your highest potential if you do the practice learned.

Help you learn how to govern your energy better

If you are an empath or seem overwhelmed by other peoples energy you will learn how to control that energy and get to know yourself more. 

If you are a healthcare worker it will give you tools to help you in your practice.

Learn the Profession

Learning Chinese Energetic Medicine is a scientific yet magical journey.  You learn about things that are possible beyond you wildest dreams, yet learn why it is possible and how it works.  This education is good for anyone in or out of the healing arts and can be applied to everyone regardless of their background.

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"I am fortunate enough to have taken Qigong classes from Dr. David Hone for over 3 years now.  Dr. Hone is extremely knowledgeable yet humble enough to know that the practice of Qigong can be a life time of learning.  He absolutely loves teaching, which is evident by his enthusiasm displayed in his classes.  The classes are always interesting, informative, fun and he always explains what we are learning in an easy-to-understand manner.  Class with Dr. Hone is one of the highlights of my week and definitely something I look forward to.  I can't imagine not taking classes from Dr. Hone. "      

Lorraine S.


"Thank you so much for all of your help inside and outside of the classroom. You have been an incredible role model and teacher.
I was very nervous to attend your class because I felt I didn’t really have a grasp on the topic, but you made it very easy to understand and learn. You also made the learning fun, it was a very difficult topic but you never let us get frustrated and kept the mood light hearted.
         One of my favorite things about you, is how you treat me, going to your class I realized that is how you treat EVERYONE you come in contact with. You also never leave people out and make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in your presence.
That being said you make learning fun, and you have encouraged me to continue my practice everyday. Doing my daily practice has helped me recover from my surgery tremendously and I believe it is the reason I was able to get off of insulin so fast  The practice also gives me something to look forward to and something to keep me motivated."

Thanks again,
Rowdy Piva


"I attended class 1 with my daughter in August. We decided to go because I had been trying to help my daughter heal for years and it was like we were on a hamster thing improved, but then another issue arose.  Our doctor referred her to Dr Hone, and we knew we were on the right path after the first session.  So when the opportunity came to fly across the country to attend his class, we jumped at the opportunity. He was giving us such hope. 

I won’t tell my daughters story, but as her mother and a nurse , I gained so much new knowledge from the class. Not only did it help me to help has helped me with several of my own patients as well.  Just learning the mindset helped me see that so many of my patients were stuck like my daughter. They had other emotional trauma they needed to deal with before they could physically heal.

The class was the most interesting class I’ve ever attended, and much of that is because of how Dr Hone taught. It was very interactive, and he did a great job of breaking things down.  The fact that I haven’t missed doing my own daily practice once since our return shows our belief.  We are so very thankful for his wonderful teachings!"

Joey Hare

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