Current Offerings

Certification Course Offerings

Basic I Courses
Stand Alone
Personal Wellness
Foundations of Health I (Practitioner I)
Foundations of Health II (Practitioner II)
Foundations of Health III (Practitioner III)
Foundations of Health IV (Practitioner IV)
Clinical Theater
Basic II Courses (Prerequisite Core )
Stand Alone
Personal Wellness
Therapist I
Therapist II
Therapist III
Therapist IV
Clinical Theater
Advanced Courses (Some Require Prerequisite)
Stand Alone
Personal Wellness
Medical Qigong Therapy, Neurology, and Geriatrics
Qigong for Pediatrics and Gynecology
An Energetic Approach to Cancer
Five Elements I
Five Elements II
Five Elements III
Understanding Divine Law, Divine Healing, and Creating Tools of Light
Energetics in Nutrition and Projection
Refining Assessment capabilities with training Jing, Qi, Shen
Energetic Anatomy and Physiology In Depth
Clinical Pathologies, Thought Forms, and Spiritual Parasites
Emotional and Psychological Alchemy and Transformation
Genecology from Energetics

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