Elements of Life Institute

Elements of Life Institute teaches ancient and modern practices  to holistically heal the Physical, Energetic, and Spiritual bodies through energetic cultivation, enlightenment, and empowerment.

Ways to Learn and Participate

Learn About our Upcoming Trip to Israel

 A meditative trip through the Holy Land! 

Come travel with us to take a trip back to the land of the bible. On location meditations to help you travel back and feel the things of the life and times of the Holy Bible.  Each location will be first described with its history of events in relation to the bible.  Then we will guide a meditation for each site and guide you so you can experience a different experience into this special land.

Your Guides for this trip will be Dann W Hone, and David S. Hone.

Professional Courses

These Courses include:

  • Certification in Chinese Energetic Medicine
  • Energetic Work to enhance your clinical practice
  • Advanced protocols
  • CEU's as approved by your state licensing board 
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Personal Health and Wellness

These courses are geared to  individuals who are looking to:

  • Improve your overall health, inner peace and life. 
  •  Learn tools to improve your health and well being
  • Grow to help yourself  and your loved ones
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Learn more about:

  • History of the Medicine
  • Our Approach
  • Getting Started
    • Qigong Exercises
    • Meditations
    • Breathing Techniques for purging tonifying and regulating for Health
  • FAQs
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