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Foundations of Health I

This course lays the foundation for personal health and transformation. The principles, techniques, and applications taught will empower you to take control of your overall health from the inside out. Dr. Hone has a strong desire to have this essential knowledge in as many homes as possible, young or old.

  • Build and maintain the immune system
  • Fight disease
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Increase your vitality
  • Complete Dao Yin ancient healing practice
  • Increase your connection with the Divine
  • Wholistic nutrition and so much more
  • Access to Dr. Hone for questions 

Dr. Hone's teaching style is engaging, thorough, and he really cares about his students. He has scheduled time to meet with his students throughout the week. The 40 hour, 10-week course is for beginners or advanced students.  You'll be comfortable at home while integrating weekly live online webinars, instructional videos, and supplemental materials.

Interested in certification or continuing education credits? This course is the first in the progressive series of becoming a Medical Qigong practitioner and requires a 3-day in-person practical training. 

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FREE Webinar Recording: Introduction to Chinese Energetic Medicine and Nutrition in Healing


In this live 4 hour webinar, Dr. Hone will introduce the history of Chinese energetic medicine, daily practices, techniques, and concepts that you can utilize to 

  • Grow your vital life force
  • Improve your health, vitality, and immune system
  • Purge, tonify, and regulate Qi/energy within your whole being
  • Maintain your energetic boundaries
  • Q&A session and more!

Take advantage of this Free Live Online seminar valued at over $900. If the value is so high why is it free? Dr. Hone's mission is to love others, serve others and bring more Light into the world. He's very passionate about his mission and loves to teach! 

We are excited for you to learn these ancient, proven and valuable tools to empower you and those around you.

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MoLian Qigong Membership

Even though we are all family we'd love to have you officially join our MoLian family! In this membership you will have access to 

  • Live 1 1/2 hour zoom class, twice a month with Q&A. 
  • Video and Audio presentations with step by step instructions
  • Audio presentations for general and specialized health 
  • Meditations
  • In-depth study of the 5 elements and how to more fully integrate them in your own practice.
  • Tools to overcome physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.  
  • Discounts
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