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At Elements of Life Institute, we are creating a community of like-minded people who want to learn about ancient Chinese Medicine as well as other related topics. Learn Molian Medical Qigong from Dr. David Stokes Hone and other topics from other fine instructors as they are added to this community. Dr. Hone is one of only six Certified Instructors in the entire State of Idaho. He is a Physician of Naturopathy, Master QiGong Practitioner, Chinese Energetic Physician and Creator and Instructor of the MoLian Qigong Method. Dr. David Hone, ND, MMQ will teach principals of health and wellness in several focus areas, mostly from Chinese Medical traditions but also from many other modalities and thoughts of health and wellness.  Some of the major influences in David's learning include: BodyTalk, Linking Awareness, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, Martial Arts with Pai Boon, Living and Traveling to many places, Ancient Scripture from multiple cultures, study with his father Dann Hone and many other life experiences. 

Our Mission at Elements of Life Institute is to teach anyone, regardless of location, who is ready and willing to recognize their own power and wisdom to bring about healing and learning. 

Dr. Hone spent much of his youth in the Salmon Valley of Idaho and has called it home for the past 2 years.  

Why You Should Join Us

Because you are the perfect being of Divine energy and Earth energy! Before anything external can change, you must start changing, improving, and balancing the energy within.

A Big Thanks

A Big Thank You to The Intermountain Wellness Center and Dr. Brian Barry for all the help they have given Dr. Hone. We know that Chinese Energetic Medicine works in perfect Holistic harmony with chiropractic and massage care.  A Big Thank You to Lindsey Bradley for seeing the dream and acting to make it happen. A Big Thank You to Anthony Pelot for having the know-how and brains to do the things we cannot.

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