Elements of Life Institute

Elements of Life Institute


Elements of Life Institute is a place of learning and discovery for all people. It is to foster an appreciation for the past, a spiritual awakening for the present and a stimulating view of the future for people everywhere. 


Our mission is to cultivate wholistic educational, physical, and spiritual development by providing comprehensive platforms, opportunities, and experiences for all people.


  •  To make available through online and live courses, seminars, retreats, forums, publications, tours, study abroad opportunities, cultural experiences, special events, professional development, and humanitarian opportunities that will enhance the lives of people in all regions of the world.
  •  To offer comprehensive online and hands on experiences of the methods and means employed to produce all the elements of life, beginning with the earliest foundations of existence through the development of contemporary and future elements of life.
  •  To foster academic and educational pursuits in research, discovery, study, and teaching of principals associated to all aspects of life.
  •  To preserve earliest knowledge and history of various cultures and people in a dynamic world before the memory of their development and their inventors are forgotten or lost.
  •  To research and further the advancement of our understanding of the Elements in our world and how to use them for the benefit of all.
  •  To cultivate an understanding of the role of the Elements of Life which come at unique times and locations. Understanding the profound impact on the history of man and suggesting that it is more than coincidental events but follows a greater purpose.
  •  To provide deeply inspirational experiences without particular bias that appeal to the general public, secular organizations and religious institutions modifying each experience to meet the ever-dynamic complexities of such groups and individuals with divergent belief systems.


All instructors and assistants are certified and trained to help you with obtaining the level you level you desire for your journey...

Dr. David Stokes Hone,

ND, LEHP, CEHP, MMQ, Founder of the MoLian System of Qigong



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