Elements of Life Institute


Elements of Life Institute is a place of learning and discovery for all people on all levels.  It is to foster an appreciation for the past, a spiritual awakening for the present and a stimulating view of the future.


Our mission is to cultivate wholistic educational, physical, and spiritual development by providing comprehensive platforms, opportunities, and experiences.

Current Offerings:

  • Foundations of Chinese Energetic Medicine
  • Qigong in Action
  • Shaman, Mystic, Healer Course
  • A Meditative Trip to the Holy Land
  • Pathway to Health Membership
  • Pathway to Certification in Chinese Energetic Medicine (From Practitioner to Doctor)

All courses can be reviewed by your licensing boards for CEU’s. Please check with your licensing board on a case by case situation.



Dr. David Stokes Hone,

ND, LEHP, CEHP, MMQ, Founder of the MoLian System of Qigong