Wonder, Amazement, Pivots and Posture

#amazement #optimism #pivot #posture #purpose #wonder Jan 04, 2022

Wonder, amazement, pivots and posture are some of the best things to do to avoid burn out.  Here a few ways to do this:

Fix your posture

  1. Whether posturing for physical exercises, qigong, or daily tasks how we posture ourselves in our physical body will help dispel negative feelings and open our awareness to things we hadn't considered.
  2. Posture is everything and everything is posture my grandmother used to tell me.  It is how people see us, changes how we feel, and will fix energetic blocks that need to be released. This creates a more vibrant body, mind, and spirit.

Learn to pivot

  1. Pivoting is learning when a bad thought comes learn to think of its opposing thought.  
  2. When Pessimism is high switch your thoughts to become an impossible optimist, that is the pivot.  Changing between a negative vibration and a positive one.
  3. Optimism is the key to all success regardless of failures and disappointments.  If you desire to feel better pivot to the highest vibration.

Look for wonder and amazement in even menial tasks

  1. Most often we seem to look at smaller or menial tasks as a burden, practice changing your perspective and see if you can do it even better or faster.  Think of how you might feel when you've completed the task.  Don't think of the mess in front of you, you only need to worry about one thing at a time.

Wonder and amazement fuel everything in life. Sifu Johnson, Sifu Lake and Lama Lar have all said something that has stuck with me.  (I first heard it from Sifu Lake) "Purpose is to the soul like air is to the Lungs"  Always find purpose and you will have more drive, wonder, amazement, and joy in life.

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