Chinese Energetic Medicine Medical Qigong Practitioner Training

Level I

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What is included in this training?

Goal: To empower the student with greater knowledge and practical
ability in Medical Qigong for improved self care, personal and
professional development.

What to expect: To have an enjoyable, informative, and healing
introductory experience to Medical Qigong through lectures,
meditations, moving meditations and comprehensive discussions.
This level I training is appropriate for all those interested.

Included in your level I course
Daoist instruction for self care and personal growth through
greater understanding of your own body in relation to the three
bodies. Certificate for CEUs.
Check with your licensing board for approval for CEU's, Each state has
their own boards that decide if credits will apply. Idaho has recognized
this course for CEU's in multiple fields of study and medicine. Class
recordings are in process. As they become available, you will have
access at no additional cost.

Some students choose to take the course again in the future. If you
choose to take a refresher course, there is a tuition discount. You will be notified of future course offerings

What is the price?

The cost is $145 per month.  The price is you applying the work as you learn it.  This takes work to really be able to master.

Course Highlights:

Terminology and Historical Background of Chinese Energetic Medicine Energetic
Anatomy and Physiology
Energetic Embryological Development
Cleaning, Purging, and Containing Life-Force Energy 1-10 Meditation and 3 Invocations
Intro to Channel Flow
Purging organs, Dredging Channels, Qi Stagnation Exercise Into to Daoist Five Yang and
Yin Organ Sets
Organs and their needs
Organ specific Traumatology
Turtle Breathing
Drumming and Beating Qi
Small Heaven Cycle Meditation
Healing Sounds Application and Exercises
Six Healing sound exercise
Clinical applications for sounds and vibration
Golden Ball Qigong
Sleeping Dragon Meditation
Sleeping Dragon Exercise Dragon Waking and Thrashing
Dragon Playing With Pearl
Ren Wu Zang (Four Animal Guardians) intro and meditation The Energetic Function of Various Qigong Exercises Medical

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