Professional Membership

  • Become a Practitioner in Chinese Energetic Medicine
  • Add Energy Medicine to your existing practice
  • Learn advanced teachings in energetic medicine
  • Obtain CEU's (depending on your licensing board)
  • Attend online instruction
  • Access recorded teachings
  • Access materials from other membership levels
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Personal Health and Wellness Membership

  • Learn the laws of healing to better their own health
  • Create a better environment around them, as well as grow physically, energetically and spiritually.
  • Access to Foundational Video's for personal growth 
  • Access to weekly classes and community
  • Adding new meditations, breathwork and movements for life
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Basic Membership

  • Prescriptive exercises
  • Basic Meditations, breathwork and movements
  • Access to recorded materials from classes you've attended with us.
  • Access to Health in a Minute Teachings 
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