Personal Health and Wellness

The personal health and wellness offerings are geared toward those individuals seeking to:

  • Improve their overall health, inner peace and life. 
  •  Learn tools to improve their health and well being
  • Grow to help themselves and their loved ones

Ways to Participate

There are two different ways to participate:

  • Individual Courses and Programs
  • Personal Health Membership


Anyone can participate in the courses we offer.  Some for personal health and wellness could be:

  • Foundations I: Introduction To Chinese Energetic Medicine and Personal Health
  • Foundations II: Introduction to Intuitive and Perceptual Awareness 
  • Foundations III: Introduction to projection of Qi through Sound, Light and Thought
  • Foundations IV: Prescriptive Exercises
  • Other Courses as they become available


  • Access to Weekly Classes
  • 10% off of other Courses
  • Early Registration on other courses
  • Access to Recordings and Past Material
  • Access to Health in a Minute Recordings

What will you learn?

  • Ancient practices for cultivating Qi and Vital Energy for health and wellbeing
  • Ancient and Modern Nutritional education to help you and your family
  • How to balance yourself physically, energetically and spiritually.
  • How to be in the drivers seat for your own health.
  • Meditations, Breathwork, and Movements to enhance every part of your wellbeing.