Professional Courses 

Practitioner Program

This Program consists of a combination of required live training events and weekly calls in order to receive the certification. The courses included in this program are listed below.  

Foundations I: Foundations of Chinese Energetic Medicine

Foundations II: Introduction to Energetics and Perceptual Intuition and Diagnoses

Foundations III: Training Thought, Sound and Light Projection

Foundations IV: Qigong Applications, Prescriptions, and Meditations (Sound Vibration and Qi Emission Training

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Advanced Courses

(Requires Practitioner Certification for further certifications other than attendance, however, attendance is always welcome)

Therapist Training

  • Therapist I: Qigong Posture, Breath and Mind
  • Therapist II: Intuitive, Empathic, Kinesthetic Perception Training
  • Therapist III: Healing Stones, Gem Remedies, Feng Shui Training
  • Therapist IV: Sixteen internal Principals and Neigong Training

Masters and Doctoral Courses

  • Medical Qigong Therapy, Neurology, Geriatrics
  • Refining Jing, Qi, Shen Awareness for Assessment and Treatment 
  • An Energetic Approach to Treating Cancer
  • An introduction to Gynecology and Pediatrics
  • An Energetic Approach to Treating Cancer
  • Divine Law, Divine Healing and Creating Tools of Light
  • An Energetic and Spiritual Approach to Embody the Five Elements I
  • An Energetic and Spiritual Approach to Embody the Five Elements II
  • An Energetic and Spiritual Approach to Embody the Five Elements III
  • Jing, Qi, Shen Advance Training for Analysis and Treatment
  • Meditations and Movements for Cultivating the three treasures of Heaven, Earth and Man
  • Energetics of Nutrition (Ying Qi) and utilizing Qi to create Ying Qi
  • Tissue regrowth and Jing, Qi, Shen
  • Structural Energetic Alignment (SEA Method for the Spine)
  • Advanced Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Psychology and Emotional Alchemy and Transformaion
  • Clinical Pathology, Thought forms, and Spiritual Parasites

Integration of Energetics for other Modalities

These are courses for helping other professionals integrate Energetics into their current practices.  Whether MD, DO, NP, DC, MT, PT or other we can help you know how to use these techniques for your own health and for your practices.

If you are interested in Advanced Courses please fill out the form below, as these courses have prerequisites that need to be confirmed