Free Introduction to Chinese Energetic Medicine

December 30th, 2021

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Benefit 1

Learn things you can add now into your own day to day practices to help you!


Benefit 2

Learn some nutritional hints from both naturopathy and ancient practices to help you with health and healing

Benefit 3

Learn of different paths both for certification and for how to better assist your family and those you love

"I have been so blessed to know this amazing man. He's not only helped me out in many ways as an energetic doctor, his class was wonderful. Energetic Qi Gong has changed me. Dr. Hone is great at teaching the principles of Qi Gong and the different techniques or moves  in a fun and energetic way. He made something that was so daunting to me, easy. He is truly in tune with each student and helps everyone on an individual and personal level. His care and concern for what is best for each person is evident in how he is with his students. Dr Hone cares and you know it. Class was wonderful. Dr. Hone is the best! I intend to continue with the rest of the training through Dr. Hone. Thanks Dr. Hone!"

Mother and Practitioner

Introduction to Chinese Energetic Medicine

Balance and Health placed more completely in your own hands!

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